Since the arrival of the COVID 19 pandemic, many questions have been asked about the way we consume certain products, this crisis has given a lot of reflections regarding fashion, you are not without knowing that the way we dress is inseparable from our way of life, it is clear, the Covid-19 is changing the lives of millions of people, it could also upset our closets.

Moreover, often the great moments of the stylistic outings do not emanate from this small world of haute couture, but from major events which disturb a whole society. Thus, if we trace a little, after the French Revolution, women gradually abandoned the superimposed petticoats, which denote an aristocratic status. At the end of the Second World War, the pants begin to be democratized at those which carried it much during their mobilization in the factories.

With the reports on the sanitary crisis, the coronavirus could also be the harbinger of a great change in our wardrobes.
For years already, some designers and fashion personalities have begun to wish to slow down the pace of collection presentations. COVID 19 has pushed each of these designers and stylists to question their future. It has also opened their eyes to the use of certain components in the creation of certain elements in fashion, such as bags and pouches made from animal skin.

It is undoubtedly true, COVID 19 really challenged us on our way of life and on animal milking, especially on its consumption for fashion, its skin used for leather etc... this new desire to respect nature led the stylites to propose an alternative on the new trends of vegan leather, high quality PU leather.

Various vegan leathers are used in production, the scientific terms are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PU is less harmful to the environment than PVC and its use is definitely preferred whenever possible. In addition to being vegan, sustainable materials are constantly being developed, including recycled nylons, cork and rubber. In addition, our materials used in manufacturing are 100% recycled. Approximately 21 plastic bottles are recycled for every bag we produce.

Our site specializes in the sale of accessories (bags and pouches) for men and women made from cruelty free vegan leather. The idea of this site was born from a desire to change consumption patterns in order to preserve animals and the planet. We offer ethical and vegan brands, which combine trend and quality, ready to prove that cruelty-free and exploitation-free fashion is beautiful and possible.

The products used in the manufacture of our bags and pouches are purely and totally made of vegan leather. The first and second layer have been globally covered with PU Leather with a non-woven bottom. It is lighter and more breathable than PVC leather. It works well in cold climates and is more elastic than PVC.


Why is vegan leather so great?
At first glance, vegan leather is not made from dead animal skins. Vegan leather is the material that resembles the aesthetics of animal leather such as clothing made from PVC and PU, without using any animal products, just as normal leather is made from the tanned hides of an animal, vegan leathers use a number of synthetic (plastic) and natural materials (cork, kelp or pineapple leaves) to imitate the appearance of animal leather without the need for the death or suffering of an animal.

It can have a beautiful shine or be saturated in all sorts of shades that put the leather to shame. Not only does vegan leather make you look good, but it also feels good because it is cruelty-free.

Why choose PU leather products and not PVC?
The manufacture and disposal of synthetic PVC-based products release dangerous dioxins, which can cause developmental and reproductive problems and even cause cancer. The synthetics used in vegan leathers are not fully biodegradable, although they can be degraded to some extent, they can also release toxic particles and phthalates, which can affect animal health and the environment.

In addition, vegan leather is often thinner and thinner than real leather and much lighter, which is ideal for fashion as it is potentially easier to handle. Good quality real leather can last for decades, while a pair of good quality PU leather shoes may only bring you about two years. This is an important factor in the choice between vegan and genuine leather, as the environmental impact of repeatedly replacing a vegan leather product is probably more damaging than buying a genuine leather item.

Synthetic leathers also wear very unattractively while real leather ages over time and forms a patina, which is considered to give character to the leather.

But what is interesting you should know is that several thousand animals such as cows, pigs, goats, sheep, alligators, kangaroos and even dogs and cats are coldly killed by fashion designers every year to leave their skins for the manufacture of clothes, bags, shoes etc... Many of these animals are cruelly sacrificed in the name of fashion because of their skin and horn.

In terms of price quality, PU leather is generally much cheaper than real leather products because the production cost is less expensive for the designer. It is cheaper to produce plastic synthetic leather than real leather. The crafting of leather products is highly skilled work.
Through this article, I hope that you will see a little more light on vegan leather and all these new names. Let's no longer let marketing guide our choices. Let's no longer hesitate to ask questions about the origin of the products, their manufacture, let's read the labels?


Our health, the health of the whole Planet, of the Animals is a real issue.
We are all responsible for it through our consumption choices and our lifestyle.